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Pickleball Etiquette


  • Introduce yourself to your partner and opponents before play starts.

  • Opponents call your shots in or out. You may disagree but it’s their call. 

  • Tap paddles after each game, say ‘thanks’ or ‘great game,’ keep it positive.

  • Gently toss or roll the ball to the next server so he/she doesn’t have to chase after it.

  • Banter is part of the fun, especially if you know the other players. Be sensitive with unknown players.

  • If your ball enters another court, immediately warn any players whose safety may be in jeopardy by loudly calling “ball” or some other warning. If the ball is rolling behind their court and does not present a danger to players, do not interrupt play but wait until play stops to retrieve it or ask for its return.

  • Never throw your paddle or strike the ball in anger or frustration.

  • Avoid hitting excessively to a weaker player.

  • Do not slam the ball directly at other players.

  • Don’t play recorded music unless those within earshot give consent.


  • Want to play a certain style, stacking for instance? Ask your partner if it’s okay. 

  • Watch your own and your partner’s feet for service or NVZ foot faults.

  • Accept your opponent’s and partner’s fault calls graciously.

  • Admit if the ball hits you or your paddle on the way out of bounds.

  • Avoid criticism and negative non-verbal communications.

  • Provide coaching and advice only when requested.


  • Courts at Mike Delaney Pickleball Complex at Dick Samp Park, our dedicated 16 court outdoor complex, are organized by skill level group. 

  • Never tell someone they’re not good enough to play on a particular court. It’s okay to suggest moving to a court that’s in that person’s skill level.  

  • Everyone prefers playing at or near their own skill level and getting a good workout but that’s not always doable.   We don't monitor player paddle placement so please be accommodating to players that may be playing up to challenge themselves.  


  • Four off, four on after each game ends is the standard when all courts are in use and players are waiting.

  • Never place your paddle ahead of others already in the queue.

  • Want to play with certain people? Place your paddles together at the end of the queue and have others skip past you until you’re the next foursome.

  • Monitor your paddle in the queue and be ready to play when the time comes.

  • Put your name on your paddle so if you’re distracted, your name can be called when it’s your turn. It’s a smart thing to do anyway, keeps paddles from getting lost or adopted.

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