Recreational Play


Recreational play is open to all pickleball players to come and play as a drop-in with other pickleball players.  There is no fee to play in the outdoor facility at Dick Samp Park which currently has twelve outdoor courts.  The Aquatic Center has indoor pickleball a few times a week so check the Calendar page for scheduled dates/times to play.  The ARK used to have indoor pickleball in the gym but they are currently closed for pickleball play due to renovations taking place. 

LHCPBA Play Etiquette  

Basic Courtesy
1. Introduce yourself to your partner and opponents before play starts.
2. Compliment all players on great shots and volleys.
3. Opponents call your shots in or out. You may disagree but it’s their call. Get over it.
4. Tap paddles after each game, say ‘thanks’ or ‘great game,’ keep it positive.
5. Gently toss, roll or lob the ball to the next server so he/she doesn’t have to chase after it.
6. Banter is part of the fun, especially if you know the other players. Be sensitive with unknown players.


1. Does your partner ignore basic strategy, make same mistakes repeatedly, and so on? Suck it up! Remain positive. It’s just a game and it only lasts a few minutes.
2. Want to play a certain style, stacking for instance? Ask your partner if it’s okay. Don’t dictate. Nobody elected you team captain did they?
3. Unsolicited coaching and advice is irritating. Zip it!
4. Tap paddles between serves. It feels good, builds team spirit.


Skill Levels
1. Never tell someone they’re not good enough to play on a particular court or at a particular venue. It’s terrible sportsmanship.
2. Everyone prefers playing at or near their own skill level and getting a good workout but that’s not always doable. See number 4 under Court Usage.
3. Help beginners improve. Ask if they’d like you to coach them when you play together. Tell them about training and strategy info on national and local websites.


Court Usage
1. 4 off/4 on is the standard when all courts are in use and players are waiting.
2. Challenge courts are okay when no one’s waiting. Winners split up and play a second game, losers cycle out. Winners of first game cycle out after game two.
3. Never place you paddle ahead of others already in the queue.
4. Want to play with certain people? Place your paddles together at the end of the queue and have others skip past you until you’re the next foursome.
5. Monitor your paddle in the queue and be ready to play when the time comes.
6. Put your name on your paddle so if you’re distracted, your name can be called when it’s your turn. It’s a smart thing to do anyway, keeps paddles from getting lost or adopted.