Hi LHCPBA members,

We are excited that you are back for another season of Pickleball in Lake Havasu City. We have a number of things going on this year.

Our big event is the process of adding 8 more courts to the facilities at Dick Samp Park. As this is written (Oct 2019), the engineering firm has the data and are putting together the plans. The planning should be completed by the end of November 2019 and the project will go out to bid. The final construction will be dependent upon what can be afforded. Our Association is working to donate $100,000.00 to the city for assistance in the construction. Without our monetary input, we would not be seeing this construction project taking place. Construction timeline will be dependent upon city council acceptance of winning bid and should be completed by June of 2020. I am hoping to see construction beginning in February and done by March.

There are currently 237 paid members in the LHCPBA. There are approximately 400 people in our pickleball data base.

Last year, we provided free beginning pickleball lessons every Wednesday afternoon and those will continue this year as well. We had skills/drills activities for intermediate and advanced intermediate last year and we will try to continue this year. If you would like to take part in leading any of these activities, please let me know. Providing these activities can be a most rewarding experience and dovetails with our mission statement which is “promoting pickleball in Lake Havasu City.

We saw a series of newspaper articles spearheaded by the communications committee, chaired by Rodney Windhorst and written by Paddy Finnigan. We are indebted to these two for their timely efforts while we were working with the city to include pickleball courts in their community improvement program for this year. We are further indebted to Mike Delaney for his monetary inducements and encouragement to continue our efforts to raise funds for more courts.

We have, in place, a special organization “Lake Havasu Courts, Inc” which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Its purpose is to provide a depository for members to send money which can be tax deductible for IRS purposes and to be used on the enhancements and additional courts to be built. Your donation limits for tax purposes are tied to your annual gross income and you need to research how your donation will be treated by the IRS. This organization’s bylaws which describe its mission and guidelines for functioning are available on its website LakeHavasuCourts.com. Please take time to look at this document.

Our LHCPBA webpage (LakeHavasuPickleball.com) lists our current board of directors. Feel free to contact them with any suggestions, complaints or observations that will help our pickleball experience be better.


I will see you on the courts,

David Rossing, President


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David Rossing

LHCPBA President

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