Janie Morris
LHCPBA President



Hi LHCPBA Members,

I am excited for the 2022 season of Pickleball in Lake Havasu City and would like to welcome back our Snowbird players both new and existing members! Our current Membership has 302 players thus far in 2022, including 106 new members.  Here's some of the things the Lake Havasu City Pickleball Association has planned or completed so far this year.

We just conducted our annual LHCPBA Members meeting on January 20, 2022 where the election results for our newly elected officers and Board of Director members were announced. David Rossing was replaced as president by Janie Morris, Rodney Windhorst retained his position as Treasurer, and Patti Oakley was replaced as Sergeant at Arms by Gary Rossow.

I want to personally thank David Rossing for his many years of service as the President of LHCPBA serving since the inception of the Association in 2015.  He has been instrumental in the growth of pickleball here in Lake Havasu City and has been a great leader working with multiple City Administrations to complete the construction of the 12 courts at Dick Samp Memorial Park.  Words cannot express how much we appreciate your hard work and dedication to LHCPBA.  Thank you David!  

Our big accomplishment this past year was the construction of eight more courts at Dick Samp Memorial Park that were completed in May, 2021. We will be working on additional fundraising this year to assist in installing sun shades, bleachers, a storage shed, a permanent restroom and other courts improvements. We are hopeful that we can leverage our contributions to the city to entice them to provide additional funds for lighting as part of the 2022 budget cycle. Our $100,000 contribution to the city in 2020 resulted in $600,000 in additional funding from the city for the court construction project.

Last year, we provided free beginning pickleball lessons and Novice level skills/drills practice which will continue this year as long as courts are available.  With more courts available we are also offering Association Member sponsored activities such as weekly Round Robins by skill level, King of the Hill Challenge play, Singles play, intermediate/advanced intermediate clinics and charity events.  If you have other activity ideas or would like to take part in leading any of these activities please let me know.  Providing these activities can be a most rewarding experience and dovetails with our mission statement which is “promoting pickleball in Lake Havasu City". 


We have, in place, a special organization, Lake Havasu Pickleball Courts, Inc, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Public Charity. Its purpose is to provide a depository for member donations for court enhancements which can be tax deductible for IRS purposes and will be used on the enhancements and additional court projects in the future. Your donation limits for tax purposes are tied to your annual gross income and you need to research how your donation will be treated by the IRS. This organization’s bylaws, which describe its mission and guidelines for functioning, are available on the Member's Only page of this website.


​Our LHCPBA website lists our current board of directors. Feel free to contact them with any suggestions, concerns or observations that will help improve our pickleball experience.

See you on the courts!

Janie Morris, President 


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