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LHCPBA History

LHCPBA Historical Milestones

2011. Tim and Carol Weaver became USAPA Ambassadors, and started play at a local church and the Aquatic Center. They also gave demonstrations at all 5 elementary schools.

2012. The Weavers introduced the game to the community college, gave a demonstration at the Health Fair, and set up 3 courts at the ARK center.

2013-14. They organized the first 2 tournaments at the Aquatic; the mayor attended in 2013 and declared March to be LHC Pickleball Month.

2015. Tim and Carol organized a tourney at London Bridge Resort, and lobbied the City to build dedicated outdoor courts. Regular players had grown to 100+ and the indoor venues were overcrowded. Doug Carr initiated play at the London Bridge Beach (LBB) basketball court, using portable nets and chalk lines, and set up a donation jar for equipment.

2015. David Rossing formed the LHCPBA non-profit to promote the game in the LHC area, and Eric Swiech built the website. The Weavers organized another tournament at the Resort.

2016. The Ass’n elected the first board: David Rossing, President; Doug Carr, VP; Fred Case, Sergeant at Arms; Mike Christensen, Member at Large; Mike Delaney, Secretary; Nancy Langen, Treasurer. The Ass’n lobbied the City to build dedicated courts at LBB but to no avail; the City was set on Dick Samp Memorial Park (DSP).

2017. The City funded a design for a 16-court complex at DSP, and had the first 4 courts built. The courts were completed in February and the LHCPBA held the first tourney there in March.

2017. David Rossing formed Lake Havasu Courts, a 501(c)(3), to encourage tax-advantaged donations for funding facilities and programs. Mike Delaney issued a $25K donation match challenge to further encourage substantial donations.

2018. Funded by dues and donations, the Ass’n purchased windscreens, sunshades and bleachers for the DSP courts. Mike Delaney issued another $25K donation match challenge. The Ass’n membership topped 200 in March.

2019. In December, LHCPBA reached the fundraising goal of $100K and donated the money to the City for the construction of more Courts at DSP. The City responded favorably and agreed to fund the balance needed to build 8 new courts.

2020. Construction of the new courts began late in the year. The board determined that Lake Havasu Courts (LHC), a private foundation, was not well suited to our needs. Accordingly, a new 501(c)(3), a public charity, was formed and the private foundation company was terminated.

2021. The 8 new courts at DSP were completed in May. Membership increased to 241. The annual tournament was cancelled, due to Covid-19 concerns.

2022. In January, David Rossing was the subject of a celebrity roast, honoring his 7 years as president. The first sanctioned tournament, organized by Cheri Swettenam, Dennis & Kathy Day and Janie Morris, was held in March and was a huge success. Membership reached 350 in March.

2023. Final Four Courts opened at DSP on 2/21/23 completing the 16 court complex. Courts are officially named the Mike Delaney Pickleball Complex at Dick Samp Park in Mike's honor for his generous donations over the years culminating in his final donation to pay in full for the last four courts construction.

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