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Past Board Members

Honoring the service of our previous Board Members

Behind every nonprofit’s public face is a dedicated team of volunteers: the Board of Directors. The time, energy and vision of these individuals is the driving force in a nonprofit’s ability to achieve its mission. Nonprofit boards of directors provide essential leadership and strategic direction to an organization, as well as legal and financial oversight.  

The Lake Havasu City Pickleball Association (LHCPBA) is extremely grateful to all of those that have voluntarily served, helping our organization succeed in the growth of pickleball by providing opportunities for education, competition, organized recreation, community outreach, fundraising and publicity.  

                                                                           THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!


Lake Havasu City Pickleball Association was formed in 2015 by its first President, David Rossing.  The Mission of the Association is to promote the development and growth of Pickleball in the Lake Havasu City area.  To that end, the Association Board of Directors were successful in partnering with the City to get the first four dedicated outdoor pickleball courts built at Dick Samp Memorial Park (DSP) in 2017.  Subsequent to the opening of the four new courts, there was a three year effort to raise $100K which was achieved year end 2019 and given to the City as our shared commitment to build an additional four courts.  The City was so impressed with our contribution they stepped up and added additional funding to build eight new courts (for a total of 12 to date) which were completed in May 2021.  In December 2021, an Anonymous donor sent the City $250K to build the final four courts at DSP thus completing the 16 court pickleball complex as designed in the Master Plan.  Expected completion of construction is December 2022.  

Meet Our Past Board Members


David Rossing


2016 - 2022

20220402_130446 2.jpg

Mike Christensen

Sergeant at Arms


IMG_2929 2.jpeg

Dennis Day

Member at Large


Potluck Jim & Me 2.jpg

Nancy Langen


2016 - 2020

Patti Oakley1.jpg

Patti Oakley

Sergeant at Arms



Doug Carr

Vice President

2016 - 2021

10382525_10202080874727131_3983339377413972241_o 2.jpg

Fred Case

Member at Large

2016 - 2017


Doug Frisbie

Sergeant at Arms

2018 - 2020


Cindy Davis

Member at Large


Mike D.jpg

Mike Delaney



Cheri Swettenam

Vice President

2021 - 2023

Port of PT 019 2.jpg

Gary Rossow

Sergeant at Arms

2022 - 2024

IMG_1073 2.jpeg

Rodney Windhorst


2020 - 2024

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