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Beginner/Novice Pickleball Instruction

Beginner Lessons


Lessons are complete for this season.  Look for lessons to start up again in November 2023.


This is a one time introduction to beginning pickleball.  Equipment, court layout, stroke instruction, serving, positioning, some rules, and introduction to the game itself is the focus.  This instruction is for those who have had no or little knowledge of Pickleball.  Once one has gone through this intro, he/she should sign up for novice level play for further learning.  Beginning Instruction will take about 1 1/2 hours.  There is no cost for this training, however, donations are accepted for the novice level classes.

Participants should wear loose clothing, head covering, bring hydration liquid and have appropriate court shoes.  Equipment will be provided as needed.  Located at Dick Samp Park on courts 1 & 2.


Novice Open Play

Novice level Open play times are now available through the end of April!  


This is an opportunity for novice level players (below 3.0 skill level) to join together to practice and enjoy pickleball play. There is no cost to register but, if you sign up for a time slot, we expect you to honor that commitment.  Located at Dick Samp Park on courts 1 & 2.  

Please sign up using the link below.

Novice Open Play


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