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Beginner/Novice Pickleball Instruction

Beginner Lessons


We host beginning pickleball instruction every Tuesday afternoon starting at 1:15 pm at the Mike Delaney Pickleball Complex at Dick Samp Park.  We provide equipment and ask participants to wear appropriate court shoes and clothing for active movement.  Instruction includes familiarization with equipment, court layout, basic strokes and practice using those strokes.  It also includes introduction to court positioning, scoring and movement not the court.  Rules are introduced as appropriate and lessons take approximately 1 1/2 hours.   These lessons evolve into novice level skills/drills and play as a natural outcome of the beginning instruction. 

To accommodate folks that are interested in lessons but cannot get away during the normal work day, we can arrange special times if there is at least a group of 4 or more.

Please sign up using the link below.

Sign up for Beginner Lessons


Novice Instruction


This activity is a followup to the LHCPBA beginner instructional class.   Participants will be guided through various skill/drills followed by guided play.  This is for people below 3.0 skill level.  Participants can sign up for multiple sessions if you wish

A membership in our Association is required and an $5.00 fee is charged for each session in which you participate as this helps pay the city for the use of the courts.  This fee is also part of our fundraising efforts to enhance facilities at Dick Samp Park.

Please sign up using the link below.

Sign up for Novice Instruction


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