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Improve Your Game With A Soft Return

See how to get up to the kitchen everytime

Advanced Doubles Pickleball - Helle Sparre Clinic - Pickleball Diary #22

If you want to add a third shot drop shot to your pickleball game these 2 videos below are great:

"The Third Shot and Why It's Important"

3 Myths About Being In The Kitchen

Here are answers to questions that often come up about playing in the non-volley zone.

Hit It Down the Middle

Play percentage pickleball by hitting to the middle of the court.


As we play more tournaments we start to see stacking used as a strategy.  This video explains what it is and why it can be effective.

"Third Shot Drills"

"Dink in Slow Motion with Steve Dawson"

Model your soft game after one of the top pros.

The Most Complete Video About The Non-Volley Zone (Kitchen) Ever

Mistakes To Avoid When Volleying

Multiple National Champion Scott Moore shares tips on effective volleying from the kitchen line.