Lake Havasu Pickleball Courts

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Lake Havasu Pickleball Courts is a 501.c.(3) nonprofit company formed to help fund the construction of public pickleball facilities in Lake Havasu City, AZ.  More courts are urgently needed to accommodate the burgeoning number of players. In Phase 1 the City paid for the first four courts.  Phase 2 set a goal of raising $100K for another four courts which we accomplished and a check was presented to the City on 3/10/20.   The City allocated an additional $600K in the Capital Improvement budget to build eight more courts (four more than we expected) that were completed in May 2021! 


Breaking News!  The City received an anonymous donation of $250K on 12/15/21 plus an additional donation of $122K in July 2022 to cover the extra costs to build the Final Four Courts at DSP! Construction is underway and will be complete by year end 2022..  Now we want to raise funds to provide additional enhancements to the existing and final four courts such as lighting, wind slats, sun shades, bleachers, restroom, shed, etc.  


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2022 Lake Havasu Pickleball Courts

Board of Directors


President: Janie Morris (2 yrs) Exp 2024

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Vice-President: Cheri Swettenam (2 yr) Exp 2023

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Secretary: Mike Delaney (2 yr) Exp 2023

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Treasurer: Rodney Windhorst (2 yrs) Exp 2024

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Sergeant At Arms: Gary Rossow (2 yr) Exp 2024

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Board Member at Large: Shirley Sumner (2 yr) Exp 2023

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