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Lake Havasu Pickleball Courts made a commitment to the City to donate $100,000 for the construction of additional courts at Dick Samp Memorial Park (DSP). That commitment inspired the City to provide the balance of the funding needed for 8 new courts. The $100K goal was achieved in December, 2019 and the 8 new courts were completed in May, 2021. To everyone who donated $ or conducted fundraising activities for the new courts, a huge Thank You!  


BUT More $ Are Needed 

Even though the City received an amazing donation of $372K from Mike Delaney for the construction of the final four courts, we need to continue our fundraising efforts for the courts enhancements.  Our next objective is to add lighting to four courts to enable evening play. The estimated cost is $100K, and we have committed to the City to provide $50K toward that cost so we can be on the 2023 CIP budget.  To that end we need to raise $25K by year-end 2023.  Funding is also needed for court maintenance equipment, tournament supplies, a storage shed, sun shades, bleachers, wind slats for courts that need wind protection on the East side and so on.  


We are also raising funds to help the church, Stonebridge Christian Fellowship, replace the flooring at The ARK Center (the gym they own) where we play indoor pickleball on three courts.  If you want to donate specifically to the flooring replacement project, just indicate on your donation "Ark Flooring" and we will keep it in a separate category from DSP Enhancements.  

Let’s do this!  Donate to something you and numerous others can enjoy for many years to come. Something that you can look at with pride and think, I helped make it happen!



To help reach our $25K goal for 2023, we are selling custom bricks to raise the money to help pay for pickleball court lighting and enhancements at Dick Samp Memorial Park. Our goal it to partner with the City on the lighting costs to get enhancements included in the 2023 budget with a committed contribution of $50K.  Buy a brick for yourself, your family, In Loving Memory of that special loved one you miss (including your fur babies) or In Honor of someone special.  

Phase 1 of the brick campaign completed on 9/20/22 and we now have Phase 2 Brick Sales open!  Purchase a brick via this Signup Genius Link.


Another Way to Donate and Save on Taxes!

Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD).  Taxpayers over 70.5 years of age are subject to Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) on traditional IRAs. These distributions are 100% taxable and could increase tax liability substantially. Donors can do a QCD by instructing their IRA trustees to mail the RMD $ (or more) directly to Lake Havasu Pickleball Courts, Inc at the address below.  This method reduces taxable income dollar for dollar and may place donors in a lower tax bracket. Another plus: it’s available to those who don’t itemize deductions.


Canadian citizens, although there are no tax benefits, you too can enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling you get from donating to a great cause. Your toonies and loonies are most welcome and much appreciated! 


Make your checks out to Lake Havasu Pickleball Courts and mail them to Courts, PO Box 192, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405, or give them to any board member.


Thanks again for your generosity!

Mike Delaney


Mike Delaney
Lake Havasu City Pickleball Philanthropist

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